Heng Yue Yen Long Kwon (Modern Chinese Kung-Fu)

Kung Fu Equipment for Sale

Boxing Gloves
Boxing Gloves - The leather gloves we offer are of a high quality make and are a staple item for safe sparring.  These gloves will last for years protecting your hands, wrists and arms from potential damage while punching heavy bags and pads. These gloves are the same style used at HYYLK Headquarters in Hong Kong. $40.00
Shin and Instep Guards
Shin and Instep Guards – These cloth and foam guards are great for protecting your legs as you block incoming kicks from an opponent. These won't stop the feel of the kick (whether sending or receiving) but will take some of the impact away.  Machine washable.
Arm Guards
Arm Guards – Similar to the cloth and foam shin and instep guards, these arm guards provide good protection for your arms.  A good idea for open hand sparring and a must for sparring with elbowing involved.  Machine washable
Mouth Guard
Mouth Guard – A mouth guard is most likely the first thing you will purchase as they can save you much pain and aggravation from injury in the future and is a must for sparring. This mouthguard would be a step below the dental made custom fit guard (which can cost from $50 and up). Available in two styles and multiple colors.

$20 - $28

Handwraps – Great for open-hand sparring and for wearing with your boxing gloves giving you better control and support of your punches as well as a noticeable increase in your power.  Recommended for Green Belts and higher.
Leather Shoes Leather Shoes – Martial Arts shoes are perfect for training outside and on hard, sometimes slippery gym floors. Shoes are a nice addition to an experienced martial artists equipment list.  Recommended for Blue Belts and higher.  These shoes will not mark floors. $85.00

All prices for items listed are available to only Heng Yue Yen Long Kwon Association students and administrators. These items have been evaluated by our instructors and have their 'seal of approval' as to their quality of make and longevity.



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